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Bob Chambers, MA, CDP, Director and Steve Burger, BA, CDP
1118 Finnegan Way, Suite 103, Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360 671-3277 FAX 360 733-9499

Monday- Friday: 9am-5pm.
Closed between 12:30pm -1pm for lunch.



At Contact Counseling we conduct professional chemical dependency evaluations, and that’s it.  What most people don’t know is that when they are required by law to get an Alcohol/Drug Assessment (for A DUI, MIP Assault IV etc), in most Washington counties they are provided with a list of agencies to choose from in order to obtain an assessment, almost always these are Outpatient Chemical Dependency Programs which offers Assessments as well as several other levels of treatment.  The trouble is, this creates an obvious CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  While an agency may offer inexpensive or even free evaluations, they have an obvious motive, either consciously or unconsciously; to obtain Treatment Customers, as this is where they make the bulk of their income! At Contact Counseling, we only do the assessment, and as a result, the customer can count upon an unbiased, fair evaluation, as we receive no financial benefit from the outcome. 
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  • Jonathan Rands ~ Attorney at Law
    Focuses solely in DUI defense and other alcohol-related crimes

    I am a local attorney here in Bellingham and I limit my practice to representing citizens charged with alcohol related crimes. I have been practicing with a focus in this area for about 10 years. As a result almost every client I defend requires a alcohol evaluation and needless to say I have read thousands of evaluations over the years. It did not take long to realize that Bob Chambers & Steve Burger of Contact Counseling is among one of the most knowledgeable and competent evaluators in this state. I refer all my clients who either, live in Whatcom County, or who have a charge in Whatcom county to Bob as a result of his expertise. Bob does not actually do treatment which I think makes his conclusion and recommendations that much stronger as there is no vested interested in the outcome other than the well being of the client. Bob’s evaluations have never been challenged or rejected by the Court in the years that I have been practicing. If your legal and personal well being is at stake and you need a accurate and reliable evaluation and you are within a 100 miles of Bellingham, Contact Counseling and Bob Chambers is without a doubt the place to be.

  • Jeffrey A. Lustick, ~ Esq. Senior Managing Attorney
    Criminal & Family Law

    "Our firm has relied upon Contact Counseling and Bob Chambers & Steve Burger as our exclusive provider for alcohol evaluations for several years now, and I cannot say enough positive things about them. Bob understands the local justice system and his professional opinions are always very highly respected by judges, prosecutors, and defense counsels. Bob and his staff are highly compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional, and they treat each and every client we refer to them with dignity and respect."

  • James Turner ~ Attorney at Law

    I have been practicing criminal law for over twenty years—in Pierce and King Counties, Chelan and Douglas Counties, San Juan County and also in Kitsap, Thurston and Snohomish Counties. I am currently practicing in Whatcom County. In all of those counties I have represented persons who have been required by the courts to obtain drug and alcohol assessments. I can say, without reservation, that Bob Chambers & Staff at Contact Counseling is by far the best evaluator I have ever encountered.

    Not only is he highly knowledgeable and experienced, he treats his clients with a rather unique combination of empathy and compassion. He often spends additional effort gathering information beyond that requested in the standard (questionnaires?), but almost always presents a holistic view of the client that exceeds the standard assessments defense counsel, prosecutors and Judges see from other evaluating agencies.

    Bob possesses a Masters in psychology, is highly intelligent and possesses a seemingly innate intuitive ability that we have all come to rely on. Truly, once you have become used to Bob’s assessment reports, others seem absurdly shallow.

    I give him my whole-hearted endorsement.

  • Michael P. Brodsky ~ Attorney at Law
    Criminal Defense • DUI/DWI • Traffic Violation and Infractions

    My name is Mike Brodsky and I have been practicing criminal defense with an emphasis on DUIs in Bellingham since 2003. One of the first things I learned upon opening my practice here is that when you have a client in need of an evaluation for substance abuse, Bob Chambers and Staff at Contact Counseling is really the only reasonable choice. That turned out to be excellent advice. Bob is professional, responsive and empathetic. He treats my clients with the respect and understanding they need and deserve at what is almost always an unfamiliar, frightening and stressful time. I recommend and endorse Contact Counseling to anyone in need of drug or alcohol evaluation and counseling services.-

  • Ronald B. Brinn ~ New York
    Regional Director for the Long Island Regional Office for the
    New York State Division of Human Rights

    I am glad to highly recommend the assessment and intervention services of
    the Contact Consulting Group to you, your family, organizations and companies.

    I first met Steve Burger in Moscow Russia, while serving on the Narcotics and Substance Abuse NGO Committee at UN Headquarters, and as Representative to the International Association Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking. I can attest to the extraordinary expertise and interpersonal skills of Mr. Steven Burger, in educational, training and community settings. Mr. Burger exemplifies the best qualities in a consultant in the chemical dependency field. He is a skilled evaluator, sensitive to the needs of his clients, and spiritually uplifting to all he comes in contact with. Mr. Burger is a dedicated and ethical professional, who I have had the honor of working with effectively in both domestic and international forums.

  • Bob Malphrus, M.Ed., CDP
    Skagit Valley College - Human Services Program
    Co-chair and instructor

    Bob and Steve have more than 40 years of combined experience in the substance abuse treatment field. Their careers have been fully dedicated to clients and families in the north Puget Sound area. Both men are consummate professionals who know this area well.
    Based upon my observation of their work over the past two decades, let me share that these are effective counselors who have worked with both kids and adults and both men are compassionate yet calm and non-reactive when working with frightened, angry clients. Their personalities, professionalism and experience blend together to provide a powerful intervention team. I would not hesitate to call them to organize and oversee an intervention for a close family member or close friend.